Do You Have Employee Benefits?

Does your company have Employee Benefits you don’t know about yet? We noticed many employees have had the opportunity to get discounts with their Auto & Home Insurance and never knew about it. You can work in a fast food restaurant or work in a Fortune 500 company, ask us and we will tell you how much your discount is because of your employer. Sometimes even the Managers don’t know what type of benefits they have. They tell employees about cellphone discounts but never about insurance.


Some of the many companies that can help you get your discount.


Auto Zone


The Home Depot



Rite Aid


Cedar-Sinai Medical

Health Partners

JP Morgan Chase

Wells Fargo

Bank of America

Bank of the West

Citizen's Financial Group

McDonald's (employee & retiree)

Jack in the Box

Burger King


Government jobs can qualify for your employee discounts. These jobs can get the perk of Payroll deduction so you don’t have to worry about making your monthly payments.

Hospitals and Clinics

University employees

School Districts

City and County Employees

There are other perks to your benefits. You have multiple ways of making your payments and you get a choice with your Down Payment (0%, 10%, 50%, you decide how much) and your monthly can be made through your paycheck, bank account, credit card, or just making direct payments. It’s your choice!


Ask us how everything works. Ask us about Paycheck deduction. Ask us how much do you get.


*Must be eligible for paycheck deduction to qualify. A down payment might be required in some instances. Must be eligible for No Down Payment. No down payment can be offered for either paycheck, bank account, credit card, and direct payments unless stated a Down Payment is required.

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